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Our Direct Mail drives buyers into your Showroom. Market Brand Exclusivity!

Our Mail Brings in the Trades you Need!

Our Direct Mail Events include effective email campaigns to your database that gets you the needed customer appointments.

About Direct Mail

The history of direct mail marketing tells us that businesses have been using direct mail for over 185 years. That’s why it’s sometimes considered an antiquated option for those who haven’t done their due diligence on this thriving marketing medium. Not only has direct mail marketing always been an effective option, but it’s evolved drastically since 1835. It’s now well-positioned to be an even more powerful way to reach your target markets than ever before.

Take millennials for example. On the surface, most people would guess that Generation Y prefers digital marketing. After all, they grew up with the internet, email, and social media. The truth is quite the contrary, however. Millennials love direct mail. About 80% of them look forward to receiving their physical mail every day and almost 60% say they find it more useful than email. Furthermore, when you compare them to Generation X and baby boomers, millennials are more likely to take action on the marketing mail they receive.

Direct Mail Tracking

We help our Dealer partners track their direct mail campaigns. Track individual mail pieces with MAILTRAC using the variable data printing on your direct mail campaigns. Each piece of mail is labeled with an individual URL purl address.

Innovative Direct Mail

We are constantly inventing new traffic-building promotions. Our new press capabilities, have given us the ability to keep cost down and with the highest level of quality. We provide phone tracking and PURL’s (personalized URL’S) on every mail piece we send out. We have over 35 years of Automotive Direct Mail Success. It takes a well-armed team of talented people to turn a great idea into reality. Our team of talented professionals will help you every step of the way to insure you have a successful event. Our direct mail products and services set us apart from the competition

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