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Let Sampson Direct help you drive customers into your service lane with our Vehicle Recalls campaign. $2.49. each. Out the Door. Printed 6×11 Postcard – Postage -Shipping to Customers – Open Recall Records Here is how easy it works…. At no charge, we will provide you a fresh file of OPEN recalls of your manufacture within a range that you choose. ( I suggest going outside your PMA and hitting into your competitors PMA)

We also can do a data scrub, scrubbing out your current data base customers and only target customers outside your database, This Open recall file will also provides all the open recall including the open recall code. (To have your Fixed managers review) Then our clients choose the following two options.

Targeted to the customers that the parts are accessible. Or Target all Customers to get them into the service drive for an inspection giving you the opportunity to up sell and setting up service appointments.

After you chose who to target then you decide how many service customers can you can take care of each week. For example. You have 2000 recall customers in your market , so you might only want to target 200 or 300 not to bury your service department. Then you purchase the recalls records with all the customers info and then we go to print and ship out weekly with giving your service manager the opportunity to increase or decrease weekly.